5 Easy Steps to Stay Healthy While Working From Home


Exercise helps in increasing the metabolism rate of the human body. Studies have shown that a person who performs exercise on regular basis has fewer chances of getting attacked by any disease in comparison to the person who does not. Along with that regular exercises also strengthens the cardiovascular system which results in decreased risk of heart-related issues.

Plan your day

Make a timetable and paste it above your working area. I know it’s hard to follow timetables, but if you have one in front of your eyes you will try to work according to that. Do not make one with the time slots being mentions. Just list the tasks you have to do in the proper order. This is the best way you can make a schedule as well as follow it. Make a list of each and everything you have to do in the whole day including your meals. Be realistic, don’t make a very high-fi schedule that is just not possible for you to follow, set realistic goals that you can achieve. Planning your day helps you separate the time for different tasks so that you can focus on one task at a time, which will eventually help you avoid the unnecessary craving.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking sufficient water is very important as it not only keeps us fit but has other benefits also like regulating the body temperature, lubricating the joints, keeping body organs function properly, delivering nutrients to the cells, etc. Our body consists of 60% of water and it’s easy to imagine how important water is for our body. Keep a bottle full of water on your desk while working. This will automatically bring your attention to the bottle and will compel you to drink it. Water also helps in the removal of toxins from our body which is very important. You can also add flavors to your water, like adding lemon to your water will also help you boost your immunity or a dip of green tea along with some ice cubes is another good option.

Eat Healthy

Eat as much as healthy food you can. Add lots of fruits to your diet. Avoid fried and junk food because it can cause you many health issues, resulting in high cholesterol levels and cause weight gain. Taking a balanced diet will never make you unhealthy. Exercise should be done in accordance with the type of food that you eat. If you eat high-calorie food such as fried food then you need to exercise more. The type of food that goes in your stomach is responsible for many of your health problems. The more good food you will put in, the more healthy you will become.

Draw a Fine Line between Work and Personal Life

When you work in a homely atmosphere it’s quite obvious to get distracted from the work and the schedule might get disturbed. So, it’s very important to separate your workplace from your homely environment. Select a place that has absolutely no distractions. Avoid working near the kitchen, because when you work near the kitchen your mind will be stuck in food only. Keeping your workplace away from the kitchen will help you focus on your work and crave less.


If there is one thing that can’t be compromised with, is your health. There is only one step between you and success. And the secret sauce is — Never Give Up!



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